Generation 1, Part 1

(Sorry about the low rez images. I didn’t realise the camera had defaulted until after the play was documented. Things improve from episode 4)


Generation 1, Part 1
Week – 1
Lot – 1 Legacy Lane

Atlantis Derp, Knowledge, 4 8 6 3 3, LTW to become a mad scientist. (SCIENCE \O/)


Well, Atlantis, welcome to your new home.


“Where’s the house?”

Oh, we’re doing a legacy start. House will come as it comes.


Because it’s more fun that way.

“Fun?” I didn’t say fun for you.


“I hate you.”

I’m the player, you’re supposed to hate me. Besides it could be worse.

“HOW could it be WORSE.”

I could have seasons installed. Anyway, enough chatter. Let’s get you a house.


“What’s this?”

Don’t look at me, they were your aspirations.


Okay, some slightly more practical wants now. Toilet and a fridge. Well done.

“Why is the toilet outside?”

Because you only have $40 left in the bank. Best you start looking for a job.



Um…Atlantis, sweetheart, what are you doing?

“I’m looking for a job.”

I thought you were a knowledge Sim :-/]]>


And the lot get’s its first visitor. Mayhew Sartor. Paper boy. Teenager. Looks REALLY happy to be here.


“Here, I only have $40 to my name, but you can have $5 of it.”

“Oh, why thank you ma’am. And…um…welcome to Derp Canyon.”

“Why thank you.”


Her generosity paid of though. All the job possibilities out there, and the very first job in the very first paper is the Science Career track.



“Um…so…like…any chance for some privacy here?”


Next to visit the lot was Kerie Olshfski, who got on with Atlantis like a house on fire, despite their age difference.


“Will any of your mad scientist experiments involve interstellar travel. I find aliens fascinating. I really hope I meet one one day.”


“I’m not sure. I’ve never really considered myself to be a rocket scientist.”


“Besides, what would you say to an alien if you met one.”


“Why, I would say hello of course.”

The diplomat we didn’t know we needed.


“I just hope the aliens don’t have any killer robots.”


“I just hope the aliens know how to cook a decent breakfast.”

I SWEAR Atlantis followed up the robot conversation with a conversation about eggs.


The work carpool wasn’t due till the next day, and Atlantis still didn’t own a bed, so it was off downtown to work as a barrister for a bit, which also gave Atlantis the chance to scope the room a few times.


Why, hello there, Mr Turner.



It would appear that Atlantis agrees with my assessment. Only 1 bolt, but they do seem to get on well when chatting. Sadly the first conversation had to be kept brief because of barrista work, but it was a start, and it got Mr Turner into Atlantis’s phone book.


By the way, it doesn’t show in a still picture, but this girl was literally shaking.

Okay, put down the coffee and step away from the barrista station.


Jim was still hanging around when Atlantis finished her shift, so they got chatting. Atlantis was already spinning up wants to interact with Jim.


“Now you stop that dispicable flirting behaviour THIS INSTANT you silly girl.”

Oh I’d forgotten about her.


Despite Mrs StickInAButt’s best efforts, we learned via Atlantis that Jim is a Leo.


He is POSSIBLY a fortune sim.


And currently between jobs.


It was getting late, and both Atlantis and Jim were hungry, so they headed over to the local diner to spend the money that should have been going towards a bed.



“Shhh. I’m trying to impress him.”


Guess who will be napping on a park bench tonight. That’s right, it’s Atlantis.


And so Atlantis finished her first day in Derp Canyon with no bed and some pretty cool photographs


Sorry Atlantis, but the telescope is getting sold. You need to sleep.


And so tuesday dawned with Atlantis sneaking into the local gym to use the showers before grabbing a quick breakfast at the diner.


And as she sits at the counter, who should turn up but Jim Turner 😀 ❤ ❤


But…but WHAT IS THIS. Jim is at the Diner to meet Debbie Parker.

Atlantis says nothing. After all, her casual dinner with Jim the night before was JUST THAT. Casual. A group outing. It wasn’t a date. And maybe his meeting with Debbie wasn’t either. Maybe they were just friends. Or maybe she was his sister. Or maybe…

Atlantis ordered omlettes with a quiet voice.



Nursing her soon to be broken heart, Atlantis scoped the room some more, and spotted Amar. 2 bolts this time 😀


And it looked like the attraction went both ways.

Anyway, Amar is a Sagittarius, and works in the military as a Flight Officer. Which means he will be moderately wealthy. Just saying.




“What, were you just…flirting with him.”

“Yes, but you and I we…you were just having breakfast with another woman.”


“So you’re allowed to have breakfast with another girl, but I’m not allowed to talk to another boy.”

“Debbie and I are just friends.”

“Well maybe me and Amar are just friends.”


So…um…this is happening.


“Hey, don’t cry. Look I’m sorry if I caused something there, but you ask me, that guy was being a jerk.”

“No.” Atlantis sniffed. “I was the one in the wrong. I just, I assumed.”

“Always a dangerous thing. But hey, I’m sure you and that guy can talk it out later, if you want to.”


“Nice girl like you, I doubt anyone could stay angry for long.”


“Want me to have a word with him for you.”

“No. No it’s fine. I need to be getting to work. But, thank you Amar.”

“Any time, Atlantis. Hope we see each other again soon.”

“Yeah. Me too.”


Unsurprisingly, Atlantis got out of work that day feeling pretty rotten (I’ve never seen a needs meter so down in the red where the sim wasn’t pregnant). She returned to the gym to use the showers, and tried to cheer herself up on the spinning machine. She felt awful for jumping to conclusions with regards to Jim, but she also felt angry at the way Jim treated her when he saw her talking to Amar.

And she had felt comforted by the way Amar had treated her afterwards. Even offering to try and make at start at patching things up with Jim for her.


“Well, you certainly have alarms ringing around Derp Canyon. Everyone is talking about what happened in the Diner.”

“Must be a slow news day.”


“Just hope they move on to a new subject by tomorrow.”


“Something tells me I’ll be getting a frosty reception of Joe’s friends for the next few days.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much. People around here tend to have short term memories.”


“Besides, Jim isn’t innocent either. It’s not like an open and shut case, is it.”


“Yeah, you’re right. I guess best thing I can do now is sleep, and see what tomorrow brings.”

“I think everything is going to be okay, Atlantis.”


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